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This is a convenient index for my main blog posts, organized by category.

General posts

Charting my TSW journey – My very first post.

Dr. Aron’s approach – miracle or mirage? – Dr. Aron has a regimen that claims to be as effective as TSW but without any of the suffering. Is it too good to be true?

Diet and nutrition

Does diet really matter during TSW? – Here I share my thoughts on how diet affects us during TSW.

Healing therapies

The moisturiser withdrawal debate – Should you use a moisturiser during TSW? It’s a complicated, confusing and delicate subject.

There are no miracle cures! – Despite our wishful thinking, there is no miracle cure for TSW, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep looking for something that might help.

The mental battle

Dealing with the depression that comes with TSW – I never thought I would be someone battling depression, but TSW changed all that.