Here you will find some useful resources on Topical Steroid Addiction (TSA), Red Skin Syndrome (RSS) and Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW).

ITSAN (International Topical Steroid Addiction Network)
Your starting point for learning about topical steroid addiction/withdrawal and red skin syndrome. Has a very useful FAQ as well as photos and testimonials.

Q&A With Dr. Marvin Rapaport about RSS
Very useful information and a must-watch video from the TSA/RSS guru.


Understanding Red Skin Syndrome
Dr. Rapaport has kind of branched off from ITSAN and created his own website about RSS. Lots of useful information here.

Dr. Fukuya’s Blog About TSA
Dr. Fukuya was (he’s retired) a leading doctor in the field of TSA in Japan. His blog is amazing and has some extremely detailed and useful articles that provide a deeper understanding of what the skin goes through during this traumatic process.

Atopy Steroid Addiction in Japan
Very information study by Dr. Fukuya with lots of case studies.

Prime Physique Nutrition
Abby is a holistic nutritionist who overcame severe eczema herself and now offers loads of information and videos on her website. It mostly refers to eczema but there is a lot of overlap with TSA/RSS.

Preventable: Protecting Our Largest Organ
This is a documentary project about TSA/RSS. It’s kind of a community with of interviews with both sufferers and doctors.

Jen Boyle TSW Video Companion Program
A whole series of videos to help you through TSW. It is listed at a recommended price of US$89 but is actually pay what you can. A portion of proceeds go to ITSAN or the Preventable documentary.

Support Groups
There are some fantastic support groups on Facebook where people share experiences and advice, ask questions, and generally support each other through this ordeal. Seriously, join at least one of these if you intend to go through TSW.
ITSAN RSS support page –
TSW/RSS support page –
TSW Australia page –
Healing Therapies for TSW –
Healing Topical Steroid Withdrawal/RSS with Scientific Approach –
Eczema and Topical Steroid Addiction –
Dr Aron Eczema Treatment Discussion Group – (I’ve decided to include this in the sake of fairness and the belief that people should be free to choose their own treatment)